Professional Audio Video Solutions

Entertainment together with addressability is another important matter. World-leading electronics can deliver both when combined with skillful professionals. ASSURETECH designs, Installs, and maintains Public AddressingSystem following industry standards, Multi-Camera Studio Solutions, VideoEditing Systems, Audio, Video, Lighting Cabling, Projector Solutions, Streaming Solutions, etc.

Multi-Camera Setups

Multi-Camera Studio Setups, Live Event Setps, Online Studio Setups Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning.

Public Addressing Systems

PAS (Public Address System) or PAGA (Public Address and General Alarm)Design and Installation for Commercial Buildings

Lecture Room and Auditorium Sound Systems

Ensure clear and immersive audio-video experiences in lecture rooms and Auditorium Sound Systems Design and Installation

Multimedia Projection Systems

Multimedia Projectors and Electrical /Manual projector screen setup Design and Installation

Smart boards, Video Conferencing Systems, and Lighting Setups

Smartboard and digital Video Conferencing Systems for Smart Classrooms and corporate sectors Design and Installation

IP & Analog  (CCTV) Surveillance and Security Alarm Systems

Even though it is considered a very simple solution with many installers/integrators, Video Surveillance solutions must be designed installed, and maintained by professionals, and then only it will deliver the true outcomes of an electronic security support system. Industry-recognized highly reliable products are used in Our solutions and very clear distinctions could be made upon system performance and robustness.

IP and Analog CCTV Systems

IP (Latest Technology) CCTV camera Systems and Analog Camera Systems, WiFi Camera Systems Design, Installations, Testing, and Commissioning.

Security Alarm Systems

Security Alarm Systems (both wired and wireless), Fire Access Control Systems.Design, Installations, Testing, and Commissioning.

Annual Maintenance Agreements for CCTV Systems and Security Alarm Systems

We provide an Annual Maintenance Contract for CCTV camera Systems for residence and corporate sectors to ensure proper 24×7 operation of security setups.

Structured Cabling (Data, Voice, Fiber, Audio/Video /Electrical Cabling)

Small office to medium Data Networking with reputed brands and certified technical guidance. A proper design is pivotal and it should first match the performance requirement as well as the budgetary concerns of the client. Assure Technologies inculcates clients on the most appropriate product brands and solution topologies.

Data & Telephone Network Wiring

Data Networking, IP and Analog Telephone Network Design, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning.

Fiber Network Installation

Fiber backbone Network Design, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning.

Audio and Video Wiring and Electrical Wiring

All King of Audio and Video Setups cable wiring, Electrical Wiring Design, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning.

Access Controlling Systems, Attendance Management Systems, Telephone (PABX) Systems Desktop, Laptop, and Storage Solutions

Customized Attendance Management and Electronic Door Access Controlling Systems will be at your service with ASSURETECH’s guidance.

As Voice communication is indispensable in every modern business entity, ASSURE TECHNOLOGIES delivers both Analog and IP-based PBX solutions. The true advantage of IP solution can only be accomplished with proper structured cabling, PoE (POWER OVER ETHERNET) infrastructure, and professional installation practice.

ASSURE TECHNOLOGIES delivers Servers, Workstations, Storage Servers, PCs, Laptops etc… and professional installation and Configurations

Access Control & Attendance Management Systems

Access control and Attendance Management Systems Installation, Testing and Commissioning

IP & Analog PABX (Telephone Systems)

We are doing both analog and IP PABX Telephone Systems design, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning

Customized Workstations, Video Editing systems, Desktop, and Laptops

We are doing customized workstations for both Video Editing and Gaming and also Desktop and laptop Solutions with OS & Essential Software Integrations.

Storage Server (NAS) System Installations.

We are doing Storage Server (NAS) Network Attached Storage Installation, Configurations, Testing, and Commissioning.